Small Animal Medication & Supplies

Whether you are traveling with your cat or dog or looking for a cage for your ferret, RxValet for Pets has pet carriers, cages, water bottles and other small animal supplies to keep your pets safe and comfortable!
Pets such as hamsters, mice, rats and guinea pigs have unique needs that must be addressed to ensure optimal health. That’s why RxValet for Pets provides a variety of specialized small animal medicines and healthcare products. Small animal vet supplies like digital thermometers with sterile probe covers, eye irrigation and cleaning solutions, lubricating ointments, and nursing bottles may all be necessary to care for small pets over the course of their lives.
Just like human doctors, vets who practice hamster medicine and rodent medicine need tongue depressors and sterile latex gloves to examine their patients. Medication such as antihistamine or penicillin may need to be administered to restore small pets to full health, and vets can find these and other common treatments at RxValet for Pets.
Basic grooming tools for small animal care include nail clippers, combs and brushes, skin treatments and specialized small pet shampoos. Owners aren't always willing or able to perform these grooming tasks themselves, preferring to let an experienced vet do the job. Fortunately, we make it easy with top-of-the-line products at affordable prices. Order your small animal vet supplies today and receive free shipping on all orders