Horse & Large Animals Medications & Supplies

At RxValet for Pets we are passionate about animals. From horse supplies to ferret cages to livestock vaccines, RxValet for Pets has the products you need and the knowledge you trust. Need help? Call our Customer Service Executive!
RxValet for Pets is a vet-trusted supplier of large animal supplies in order to keep your horses, cattle, swine, and other farm animals free of many common ailments and conditions. We sell a wide range of equine supplies, including grooming scissors and shedding blades to keep your horse looking beautiful. We also offer horse vaccines, such as the West Nile Virus, Sleeping Sickness, Equine Influenza, and Rhinopneumonitis vaccines. We can supply you with medications for bone and joint care, first aid and wound care, ulcers and skin infections, and anabolic and weight gain issues, as well as several options for pain control. RxValet for Pets also carries Probios Horse Treats to aid in training, digestion, and total body health. We care about large animal health and carry a wide range of the same name-brand medications and supplies that your veterinarian sells, but with convenient online ordering at an affordable cost.