BD Allergy Syringe 1ml, 27G x 1/2" - 25 Count

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Regular Bevel Needle

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BD Allergy Syringe 1cc, 27G x 1/2" Regular Bevel Needle, 25 Syringes/Tray

BD Allergist Tray has 25 allergy syringes with permanently attached needles. Syringes are designed with a low dead space for maximum cost savings when giving allergy injections. The barrel is clear and easy to read. Sharp needles minimize patient discomfort. Clear, bold scale markings assure dosage control and accuracy.

Becton Dickinson manufactures and markets syringes for physician and veterinarian offices and home use. As with all its hypodermic syringes, BD allergy syringes latex-free and are designed to provide maximum patient comfort, accurate dosing and excellent value to the customer. All allergy syringes have low dead space to minimize waste of residual allergen.

Comfortable injections - All needles are subject to 100% needle point inspection to assure consistently high quality and sharpness. Special lubricant adds to comfort by providing smoother plunger movement for less injection pressure. 

Accuracy - Clear barrel enhances visibility of antigen level and bold scale markings are easy to read, for accurate dosage control. 

 - All syringes are individually wrapped for convenience and to assure the sterility of every syringe until opened. Syringes do not contain natural rubber latex to reduce risk of allergic reactions.

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