ClotIt Blood Clotting Powder - 2.85 oz

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Stops Bleeding Fast

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ClotIt Blood Clotting Powder

Stops Bleeding Fast

ClotIt is a non-staining, blood clotting powder designed to stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. Formulated with all-natural minerals that upon contact with blood, facilitates and accelerates the body's natural coagulation process, while simultaneously slowing blood flow by constricting local blood vessels and capillaries. ClotIt's fine granules cause blood cells to clump together by creating an iconic attraction between the cells. It also rapidly absorbs plasma cells at the wound site , leaving behind platelets and blood cells to aid in forming a solid clot.
  • Multi-actin process results in complete clotting in seconds
  • Non-staining, no sting formula
  • Colorless powder
  • All-natural ingredients
ClotIt is used for minor to severe external wounds, including:
  • Lacerations, abrasions, cuts and sores
  • Dental procedures
  • Tail docking and nail trimming
Shake bottle before using (settling of powder may occur over time). Squeeze bottle to dispense powder over bleeding area. Apply pressure to bleeding area to ensure powder comes into contact with the source of the bleed. Most wounds stop bleeding in 10-30 seconds. Large wounds may require longer time, as well as application of more powder. Use as much powder as necessary to cover the affected area completely.

Nail clipping bleeds: Apply ClotIt generously directly to nail. Apply pressure with gloved finger or cloth to ensure powder gets in contact with the source of the bleeding nail. Additional powder can be rinsed after bleeding has stopped.

Ingredients: Proprietary mixture of Mineral Mullite and Aluminum Sulfate.

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