Millers Forge Replacement Blade for Guillotine Style Nail Clipper - 1 Blade

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Replacement Blade For Millers Forge Guillotine Style Nail Clipper

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Millers Forge Pet Nail Trimmer Replacement Blade. 


High carbon steel blade is heat treated for extra sharpness and long life. Fast change blade replaces in seconds. Gently and quickly trims pet's nails.

Blade Replacement:

  1. Hold trimmer upside down, put paperclip or small mail in small hole, squeeze handles together, release and remove blade.
  2. To replace, use either method A or B. Note that honed portion of blade should face the bottom of trimmer.

    A: Hold upside down. Using index finger and thumb, push spring up against inside of handle. Insert blade until only about 1/4 inch is showing. Release spring and blade should catch.

    B: Push new blade in until the small holes in blade and trimmer are aligned. Insert nail, paperclip, etc., squeeze handles, should and release. Blade should be in place.

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